DC Intro to Collective Leadership - 4 Hour Taster

By The Leaders Co-Lab (other events)

Wednesday, March 8 2017 1:00 PM 5:00 PM

"The future of leadership will see employees being given far more freedom and opportunity. The days of successful leaders being overly controlling are numbered – new ways of working mean flexibility and empowerment will become central to businesses large and small." - Richard Branson / B Team Member and Co-Chair / Virgin Group, Founder and Chairman / B Team New Ways of Working  

The Leaders Co-Lab is hosting an experiential 4-hour introduction to a pioneering Collective Leadership approach developed by PresenceAtWork in Europe and Australia.

Collective Leadership is a way of leading that leverages both the individual and complementary strengths of those in an organizational system to achieve powerful results when aligned by a shared purpose. Collective Leadership is a solution for growing leaders at all levels in organizations to work collaboratively and lead collectively.

  • Experience the three principles of Collective Leadership in this four-hour introduction where we focus on skills and behaviors that will enable leaders to connect, co-create and co-lead together in a different way.
  • With this 4 hour intro, you will be able to evaluate the potential value of Collective Leadership for you and your organization. 

About The Leaders Co-Lab

The Leaders Co-Lab is a living leadership laboratory and consultancy with the mission to accelerate progress by awakening and connecting conscious leaders and organizations in new ways to co-create a better future for people, organizations, society, and the planet. It is a “co-lab”oratory, because we invite a collaborative & co-creative experience with participants, sponsors, partners and leaders to experience and test principles, learn from each other, and measure results over time.

Washington, DC contact: Catherine Allen - [email protected], +1 (202) 255-3080
Syracuse, NY contact: Melissa O'Mara - [email protected], +1 (315) 427-0263